Evangelos Bountioukos

Team Leader

Vasileios Tsimpariotis

Engineering Manager

Stella Bozi

Business Manager

Nikolaos Roussos

Chief Engineer


Thanasis Panagakis

Chief Aerodynamics

Ioannis Lafazanidis

Chief Chassis

Chrysa Karafousia

Chief Composite Materials

Panagiotis Tsiminas

Chief High Voltage

Pelagia Kastanioti

Chief Low Voltage

Stella Bozi

Chief Operation & Business Plan

Nikos Roussos

Chief Powertrain

Vasilis Tsimpariotis

Chief Suspension & Vehicle Dynamics

Elena Alenta

In Charge of Assembly



Aerodynamics department is responsible for the design and optimization of body, aerodynamic package, and cooling airflow systems on the vehicle.

Thanasis Panagakis

Dimitris Kandis

Klearchos Maliogas

Filothei Armenaki


Chassis department is responsible for designing and analyzing the frame of the vehicle. The main goal is to create a lightweight chassis that can keep the driver safe from any impact.

Ioannis Lafazanidis

Constantinos Philippou

Sokratis Kοlozof


Composite materials department is responsible for researching, selecting materials, as well as testing their mechanical properties to integrate them into our vehicle. Our goal is to reduce our vehicle’s weight and produce rigidity and durability.

Chrysa Karafousia

Asimina Goltsi

Taxiarhis Stavrou

Theodora Panagiotopoulou


High Voltage department develops electric systems such as the accumulator and the motor controller. The responsibilities of this department are to store and control the electric energy required for moving the vehicle with safety and high efficiency.

Panagiotis Tsiminas

Alexandros Tsinaslanidis

Nikos Giannopoulos


Low voltage department has many responsibilities regarding every electrical part that is not related to the electronics in the high current path. With the main goal being the safety and the best possible performance of the vehicle, the low voltage sub-team designs the wire harness to which are connected different sensors, switches and control and safety systems. We also develop software for data analysis and problem detecting to boost the car’s performance and find the areas that need to be improved.

Pelagia Kastanioti

Maria Petaloti

Nikos Theodorou


Operations and Business Plan department is responsible for the team’s well function, promotion, and business plan creation. We focus on keeping contact with our sponsors and communicating Perseus Racing through various social media platforms by capturing activities and events in photo and video material. We design everything that has to do with the team’s promotion (posters, leaflets, t shirts, website), and we organize our team’s events. Finally, we develop our team’s business plan idea, which we then have to present to a jury at the competition’s events.

Stella Bozi

Vasilis Pliakis

Konstantinos Charalampidis

Vasilis Bardounias

Grigoris Voulkopoulos

Thodoris Chatzinikolaou


Powertrain department is in charge of the power delivery to the driven wheels. This includes designing the motor and differential mount, as well as finding the optimum gear ratio for any given event. Our goal is to find the best balance between top speed and acceleration while having as little weight as possible.

Nikos Roussos

Elena Alenta


Suspension & Vehicle Dynamics department is responsible for designing and analyzing suspension system for optimum traction, steering and brake system.  Our main goal is maximizing ‘g’ forces, which are a function of velocity, acceleration, and braking.

Vasilis Tsimpariotis

Manousos Christoforakis

Antigoni Metaxa

Nikitas Ziras