About Us

Perseus Racing is a Formula Student team, representing University of Western Macedonia, Greece in Formula Student competitions.

Since 2017, the team has designed and manufactured 3 Formula Student racecars. Perseus Racing is formed by talented and determined students of the Polytechnic School of University of Western Macedonia and is currently hosted in the university’s new buildings in ZEP, Kozani.

The new campus is the perfect opportunity for our members to work as a team, get teachers’ advice, and use modern research and manufacturing tools.

Our Goal

In 2022, our team set up the goal of designing and manufacturing its first electric FS racecar.

Perseus Racing is going to take part in Concept Class of the Formula Student UK competition in summer 2023. By presenting our business plan and technical reports, we will get feedback from high-profile judges and exchange opinions with other formula student teams. In this way, we will have a lead in manufacturing our electric Formula Student racecar.

We are very optimistic that in the summer of 2024 we will take part in static and dynamic events of Formula Student competitions.

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